Cookies Policy

On the lower part of our website we have displayed a message that warns you of the fact that this website uses cookies and that some of them have already been installed. By displaying this message we hope to provide the necessary information regarding the ways in which we use cookies and to offer you the possibility to accept their usage. This message will be displayed until you decide to agree with the usage of cookies on our website by clicking the corresponding button. 

Cookies and their benefits

Our website uses cookies like the majority of websites in order to offer you the best possible experience. Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer or phone when you access websites. 

Our cookies have the following purposes:

  • Making our website function as expected
  • Exempting you from repeating the log-in procedure every time you access the website
  • Remember the settings you had made during and in between visits
  • Improving the speed/security of the website
  • Allowing you to share pages on social media websites, such as Facebook
  • Permanently improving the website.

We do not use cookies with the following purposes:

  • Gathering any type of personally identifiable information (without asking for your explicit consent)
  • Gathering any type of sensitive information (without asking for your explicit consent)
  • Forwarding information to publicity networks
  • Forwarding personal information to third parties
  • Paying sales charges

When we use cookies

If the software that you use for accessing this website (your browser) is set to accept cookies and if you continue to use our website, we consider that you have agreed with the use of cookies. If you wish to uninstall or no longer use cookies on our website you can find out the ways in which you can do that further in this document, but you must know that in this case it is possible that our website will no longer function as expected. 

Our cookies

We use cookies in order to make our website function, including for the following reasons:

  • To determine weather you are logged in
  • To remember your search options
  • To allow you to add comments on our website

You cannot prevent the installation of these cookies if you do not use our website.

Social network cookies

We have included share buttons on our website in order to allow you to easily “Like” or share our content on Facebook, Twitter and other similar networks. 

The security implications for these cookies will vary from one social network to another and will depend on the security settings that you had chosen for these networks.

Cookies for anonymous user statistics

We use cookies to compile statistics regarding users, as well as regarding the number of users who visited the website, the type of technology used (namely Mac or Windows, which helps us identify when our website does not properly function on certain technologies), how much time they spent on the website, which pages they accessed etc. This allows us to permanently improve the website. Furthermore, these so-called “analytical” programmes tell us in an anonymous manner how the users accessed our website (which search engine directed them), as well as whether they had visited us before, which helps us invest more money in the quality of the services we provide, instead of investing them in marketing. 

Deactivating cookies

Generally you can deactivate cookies by adjusting the setting in your browser in order to no longer accept cookies. By doing so you will limit the functionality of our website, as well as that of an important part of the world websites considering the fact that cookies are a standard measure for the majority of modern websites.