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This website (further known as the IIO) sets itself to present the IIO activity, products and services, as well as other information regarding them. The IIO is in no way responsible for any damage of any nature inflicted in its users by the information provided by the IIO. 

Terms and conditions for accessing the IIO website

Please read this document carefully. Through accessing the websites http://www.istoriaorala.ro and http://istoriaorala.ro further known as the “IIO”, or by any other means of accessing the contents of this website you are bound to comply with the terms stated in this document which you have agreed to. This website is maintained and updated by the Central University Library.

MYROBIBLION Cultural Society
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Address: Str. Parâng, nr. 23/45, Cluj-Napoca, Jud. Cluj, România

If you do not agree with the terms presented in this document, please leave the IIO and no longer access this website. Any access of the IIO website is further on considered an acceptance of the terms and conditions compiled in this document. 

The terms of the present document date from 01.03.2016


1. Protection of intellectual property

The contents and design of the IIO, as well as any other materials linked to the IIO, sent to you via email or provided to you through any other means (such as articles, design or any other materials which we will further regard as “IIO Contents”) belong to the IIO and to its contributors – where this aspect is expressly mentioned – (copyright) and are protected by the law regarding intellectual property. You cannot use, reproduce or allow anyone else to use or reproduce IIO materials without a written consent from the IIO.

Furthermore, you thus agree that by writing a material (comment, as well as any other type of published message) in the IIO, you provide the IIO an unexclusive copyright regarding the publication, republication, distribution, as well as any other form of public exposure of the respective materials. 


2. Use of IIO contents

You may copy and print IIO Contents only for your personal use, with no commercial intent. Except for the aspects mentioned above, IIO Contents cannot be reproduced, modified and exploited, regardless of the commercial or non-commercial purpose of this exploitation.

The actions mentioned below are forbidden in the absence of obtaining beforehand a written consent from the IIO:

  • Reproducing or storing IIO Contents, as well as forwarding these contents to any other website, server or any other means of information storage.
  • Modifying, publishing transmitting, as well as participating in the transfer, sale, distribution of materials created through reproducing, modifying or displaying IIO Contents, in the absence of a written consent from the IIO obtained beforehand.
  • Removing the trappings that signify IIO copyright of IIO Contents.
  • Any usage of IIO Contents with purposes other than the ones expressly allowed by the present document is forbidden. The applications for using IIO Contents with purposes other than the ones expressly allowed in the present document can be sent to the following email address: iio.institute@ubbcluj.ro.

3. Access suspension

The IIO can without any notification or formality and without the necessity of explanations for its attitude suspend or block your access to IIO Contents or part of its contents. 


4.  Website changes

The IIO reserves the right to suspend, modify, add or remove portions of its Contents at any time. Furthermore, the IIO reserves the right to restrict its users’ access to a part or to its entire content. 


5. Confidentiality agreement

The information that you provide to the IIO will be used only in accordance with the terms of the Confidentiality Policy of the IIO.


6. Communication platforms made available by the IIO

The IIO offers the possibility to submit comments to our articles, as well as to send messages that do not wish to be public (through the contact form).

In case of comments on our articles, we reserve the right (that can be exercised at a time chosen by us and without a notification beforehand) to remove, move or edit these comments. 

You are the only one responsible for the content of your messages. Thus, you should know that the messages posted or transmitted through the communication platforms made available by the IIO are limited as following:

  • You cannot publish, transmit or refer to any other type of message that may contain a form that is unanimously known in society as “publicity” for different types of effects or services.
  • You cannot publish, transmit or mention to the users or staff of the IIO any type of unsolicited commercial message, whether or not the message is transmitted through the communication systems provided by the IIO or through other communication methods. 
  • You cannot publish, transmit or mention any kind of messages that contain recommendations to buy a certain product or service. Furthermore, you cannot publish or mention any messages that contain confidential information, whether or not they are expressly imprinted as “confidential” or have any other imprint, or messages with the purpose of affecting the price, image or market value of a product or service. 
  • You cannot publish, transmit or mention any type of messages that contain illegal texts, threatening, abusive, indecent, that may in any way strain copyright or any other rights held by a third party.
  • You cannot publish, transmit or mention any messages containing viruses or any other code sections that prove to be destructive or that can interrupt, eliminate or limit the functioning of the IIO or of any other computer systems (hardware or software).
  • You cannot in any way gather personally identifiable information from the users or staff of the IIO.
  • You cannot restrict or eliminate the access of other users to the communication platforms made available by the IIO.
  • You cannot in any way publish, transmit or mention messages that have a hidden source.

By transmitting your messages to or through any IIO means of communication, you agree that you are the only one responsible and that you will indemnify the IIO for any damage, costs or profit limitations that may appear due to your posting, transmitting or mentioning of messages with contents that might strain the provisions from the previous paragraph. 


7. Attention!

The IIO is not liable, in any situation, for any damage, caused directly or indirectly, for any direct or indirect lack of profit (including, but not limited to the following enumeration: damage caused by loss of profit, suspension of business, or other monetary damage), inflicted by the use or suspension of use or lack of regularity of information and services transmitted to the website, whether or not the IIO had previously warned you that the use of this information in the absence of a certified consultant may produce such damage. 

As requested by the IIO, you agree to exonerate the IIO for any judiciary or extrajudiciary actions and to cover the expenses of a trial and any other expenses that may appear as a result of your straining of the terms present in this contract.


8. Force Majeure 

The IIO, its affiliates and in general its information outfitters cannot be held responsible for any delay or error in the content offered by the IIO, directly or indirectly resulting for reasons that do not depend on the will of the IIO. This exoneration includes, but is not limited to: functioning errors of IIO technical equipment, lack of functioning of the internet connection, phone connection, computer viruses, unauthorized access to the IIO systems, operational errors, strike, etc. 


9. Additional information

Change in terms in the present agreement. The IIO is entitled without any notification and without fulfilling any formalities to change the terms of the present agreement. In case these terms are changed, the IIO will publish on the front page of the website a notification in this respect. The access to the website and the use of services provided by the IIO after the notification implies the fact that you have accepted the new terms present in the agreement. 

Notifications. Any notification for the IIO must be sent in written word, via post office to the address mentioned in this document. 


10. Governing law of the agreement 

The rights and obligations of both parties, imposed by the present agreement, as well as all juridical effects produced by this agreement will be interpreted and governed by the active Romanian law. Any litigation regarding this agreement will be resolved by the Romanian court. 


Thank you, 
The IIO staff